Helping One Family At A Time

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Helping One Family at a Time Fight Cancer

Our Mission:

Cops Fighting Cancer is made up of police and civilian volunteers providing emotional, practical financial support making a REAL difference in the fight against cancer.

Financial Support:

Cops Fighting Cancer provides individualized financial support to families with the "every day" financial obligations that we all face, rent/mortgage, car payments, insurance premiums, food, clothing, and other financial obligations. Cops Fighting Cancer focuses on the "most pressing need", and works to meet it. This allows the patient and families to focus on getting better.

Emotional Support:

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and it is even more devastating when the diagnosis is that of a child. The entire world changes and now all the focus is on the person with the diagnosis or the child with the diagnosis. This is where Cops Fighting Cancer can help. Our volunteers understand the world continues to move forward while the world of the families battling cancer seem to stop. Cops Fighting Cancer lends a shoulder to lean on and asks what can we do? In many cases, its just being there to listen or it is providing a hug or giving a toy to bring a smile to a child's face.

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